This is a simulation of the artwork:  Days Alive (Version 1.0) - 1992  by Mark Madel

Enter your birth date and, if possible, your birth time (and time zone if different than local time):

       :     (GMT : )

If you enter a number between 1 and 999999 (on the left) and then press Enter,
you will see the date and time (on the right) at which you will be that many days alive.


If you enter a date and time (on the right) and then press Enter,
you will see how many days alive (on the left) you will be at that date and time.

Once you have your current days alive displayed on the object above, you can turn off the controls (with the gray button),
then reduce the browser window to make it part of your desktop as explained here;
then it will operate exactly like the artwork, changing the day count at the exact minute of your birth time (or when next turned on).