For Windows 7:

(1) Using Internet Explorer (don't worry: that's only what the minibrowser will use), go to the daysAlive Machine, set your birth date and time, then click Calculate current days alive.

(2) Once your days alive are displayed, click the gray Controls On/Off button - then close the browser (or the tab) - you don't need to use it again if you normally use a different browser.

(3) Download the free minibrowser gadget.

(4) Unzip the gadget to your desktop, double-click it, then choose Install - the gadget will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.

(5) Now open an Explorer window and go to the folder C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar (XXXXX being your Windows login name).

(6) Double-click and open the Settings.ini file in that folder, and also double-click and open the Extra.ini file on your desktop.

(7) Copy and paste the entire contents of Extra.ini after the following line in Settings.ini: PrivateSetting_GadgetSize="small"

(8) Now first close the gadget (X in the corner when you rollover it), and once it is completely shutdown, first Save and then close the Settings.ini file. Then close the Extra.ini file as well.

(9) Now right-click the desktop and chose 'Gadgets' - your new daysAlive counter will appear on the desktop. You can then close the gadget selection window.

(10) Drag your days alive counter to your desired postion - it will reappear there, counting your days alive, whenever you start the computer (and have an internet connection).